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The phenomenon Ottolenghi, food and wine pairings with his recipes

  Have you heard of the phenomenon Ottolenghi?   This phenomenon is none other than an Anglo-Israeli chef and author, Yotam Ottolenghi. He shares colorful recipes, highlighting vegetables but also spices and flavors of the Middle East. Given the scope of this chef's success, and the delicacy and modernity of his dishes, we decided to

2022-07-07T16:09:16+02:005 August 2022|

Interview with Louis Gabet, an INSEEC student with a passion for oenology

  Beginning of May, the INSEEC took its students to meet Raphaël Midoir, heir to a know-how perpetuated from father to son for more than 5 generations. We had the chance to interview Louis Gabet, a passionate oenology student who plunged into the world of appellation.   Interview Louis GABET, INSEEC :   Hello Louis,

2022-07-07T17:53:45+02:007 July 2022|

Summer food and wine pairings

Thanks to their unique structure and invigorating character, the wines of Touraine-Oisly will be your timeless allies for the summer. They will give the most subtle and exquisite flavors to your most gourmet dishes. This expression of Sauvignon blanc presents freshness and finesse, ideal with light dishes, the perfect wines for the approaching hot season.

2022-06-27T17:10:16+02:0027 June 2022|

Walk and relax in the heart and surroundings of the Touraine Oisly vineyard

  Spring is back and it's the ideal time to go for a walk and discover the Loire Valley. In between visits to the wineries of Touraine-Oisly, go to the trails to discover all the richness of this region’s natural heritage and the diversity of its fauna and flora.   In this article, we share

2022-04-27T12:07:52+02:0027 April 2022|

Meeting up with Isabelle and Noë Rouballay, passionate winemakers and happy winners of a gold medal at the 2022 CGA for their 2020 Touraine-Oisly

    We chose to interview Isabelle and Noë Rouballay, owners and winegrowers at Domaine Octavie, for their flagship estate in Touraine-Oisly. An estate that is fully committed, full of passion and family know-how.   Interview with Isabelle and Noë Rouballay, from Domaine Octavie: Could you introduce us to Domaine Octavie and its history? Isabelle

2022-03-25T12:18:47+01:0025 March 2022|

Autumn food and wine pairings

It's autumn! The season that suits gourmet dishes. Sauvignon blanc and the minerality of the soils from the Loire Valley that is found in the wines of Touraine-Oisly, bring freshness and finesse to dishes, allowing a beautiful balance and perfect meals.   👩‍🍳Our Fall menu suggestion: Starter: A fig salad with warm goat cheese toast,

2021-11-08T12:58:55+01:008 November 2021|

The harvest in Touraine Oisly with Laure Dubreuil

  In this challenging year, we interviewed winemakers from the appellation. In this interview, Laure Dubreuil, from Vignoble Dubreuil, gives you an overview of her work and her point of view on the 2021 vintage as the harvest approaches.   Interview with Laure Dubreuil from Domaine Dubreuil Tell us about yourself? I am Laure Dubreuil,

2021-09-29T11:21:39+02:0029 September 2021|

The harvest in Touraine Oisly with Lionel Gosseaume

In this challenging year, we interviewed winemakers from the appellation. In this interview, Lionel Gosseaume, from Domaine de Pierre, talks about his work in times of hail and uncertain weather.   Interview with Lionel Gosseaume from Domaine de Pierre Can you introduce yourself in a few words? I am Lionel Gosseaume, I resisted for a

2021-09-29T11:28:36+02:0029 September 2021|

Qualitative validation, essential for Touraine-Oisly

  Prior to the bottling and sales of Touraine-Oisly wines, winegrowers must submit their wine to an organoleptic control system called "Qualitative Validation". This control system is specific to the Touraine-Oisly appellation and its neighboring cru created the same year in 2011, Touraine-Chenonceaux. The objective of the qualitative validation sessions is to ensure the quality

2021-09-16T10:15:48+02:0015 August 2021|
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