With beautiful sunny days making their return, dishes full of freshness fill our eyes. The wines of Touraine-Oisly perfectly match energizing dishes full of color thanks to their vivacity, minerality and notes of flowers and citrus. Today we offer you a gourmet menu, seasonal and fresh, ideal for your meals under the sun.


👩‍🍳 Here is our selection of spring menus:


As a starter: A spring gazpacho

Originally from the south of Spain, this vegetable soup mixed and seasoned with olive oil, garlic and ice cubes, can be enjoyed on a terrace with small croutons and a glass of Touraine-Oisly.

This pairing is perfect to serve for a summer moment with friends!

👉 We recommend this simple and delicious recipe:



Main course: Monkfish fricassee with apricots

This fish of delicate flavors blends perfectly with the wines of the Loire Valley and in particular the wines of Touraine-Oisly. On the palate we find in this pairing a surprising and pleasant subtle minty freshness, enhanced by this tasty fish. The sweet and savory touch brought by dried apricots brings elegance to the dish. The perfect balance between power and finesse!

The final touch for a successful pairing: finely chiseled parsley

👉 And to cook this surprising dish, here is the recipe by Cuisine des femmes:



For dessert: Melon and fromage blanc verrines

Chic and light, melon is perfectly suited for round wines, ample on the palate and balanced. Ideal to end a meal on a gourmet note. It perfectly enhances the aromatic palette of our wines from Touraine-Oisly. In addition, the pronounced aromas of the melon will perfectly respond to the tonic side of these wines.

The key to this pairing lies in the age of the wine, opt for wines that are young enough for lightness.

Add a tablespoon of honey and a few mint leaves to accentuate the Touraine-Oisly aromas of white flowers and citrus fruits.

A delight for the taste buds!

👉 Discover our favorite recipe here: https://www.cuisineaz.com/recettes/verrines-aumelon-



😋 The wines of Touraine-Oisly also work wonders with seafood, asparagus or cheeses, expressing delicacy in your dishes. Between finesse, power and freshness, there is nothing like the wines of Touraine-Oisly to accompany your seasonal products!


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