Touraine Oisly offers beautiful and complex aromatic intensity: the fine notes of blackcurrant buds blend harmoniously with the potency of citrus and exotic fruit aromas.

The wines are powerful, round, full in the mouth and well balanced, and have a surprising and pleasant subtle menthol freshness.

Thanks to a unique terroir, the wines from Touraine Oisly are without a doubt one of the most beautiful expressions of the Sauvignon grape variety.


Wines must be vinified in temperature-controlled vats. Indeed, for a better revelation of its aromas, Sauvignon blanc must be fermented at temperatures below 20oC.

Aged on fine lees after the harvest up until at least April 30th. This contact of the wine with the lees brings body and a better structure all while keeping the wine fresh.

The use of wood chips is prohibited.

At the end of the aging phase, all wines produced are tasted and must be validated by a team of trained specialists so that the wines are sure to match the desired profile. This defined profile has been the result of significant work on the definition of the typicity of the wines and their characteristics (organoleptic characteristics).

The wines are available on the market as of May 1st of the following year after the harvest.


“The wines must be made 100% from Sauvignon blanc grapes grown from previously identified and selected parcels.”

The wines must be made 100% from Sauvignon blanc grapes and come from parcels previously identified and selected according to specific criteria that has been defined by l’Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité  (INAO), the National Institute of Origin and Quality.

Topography (slope and parcel orientation), proper hydrological functioning, soil type and landscape are the main key points assessed for the identification of parcels.

The rules for pruning are even stricter, with a maximum of 9 buds per vine and yields limited to 60hl/ha.


The style of Sauvignon wines from Touraine Oisly is very different from the other sauvignons in the Loire Valley.

The production rules encourage winemakers to push the ripeness of the grape variety. Extended aging on fine lees gives this wine roundness, body, and length.

When tasting these wines, the style is charming, developing fruity and floral aromas with a pleasant finesse, behind the fading varietal character of the grape variety.

These wines reach their perfect expression in their early youth, accompanying light and succulent dishes such as Loire fish terrines, crayfish in a lemongrass nage, Touraine chicken curry, rillettes and Touraine rions, asparagus, crunchy vegetables from the Loire Valley, goat cheeses such as the excellent Selles-sur-Cher and Sainte-Maure from Touraine.

“These wines have reached their perfect expression and accompany light and succulent dishes.”