We chose to interview Isabelle and Noë Rouballay, owners and winegrowers at Domaine Octavie, for their flagship estate in Touraine-Oisly. An estate that is fully committed, full of passion and family know-how.

Interview with Isabelle and Noë Rouballay, from Domaine Octavie:

  • Could you introduce us to Domaine Octavie and its history?

Isabelle – Domaine Octavie dates back to my great-grandmother Octavie, who lived until her 99th year. In her memory, we named the estate Domaine Octavie, since 1990. It is an estate that has been passed down from generation to generation, and I represent the 5th generation. I operate the estate along with my husband. I manage the sales and administrative part while my husband manages the vineyards, cellar, bottling…

Noë – The estate is located in Oisly, a village historically renowned for Sauvignon. It is a family-run estate, extending over thirty hectares of vines, from which 2/3 grow the white grape variety, Sauvignon. We are also proud to carry the labels TerraVitis, HVE & Vignerons indépendants.

  • A few words about your cuvées?

Isabelle – We produce Sauvignon cuvées from 2 appellations: Touraine & Touraine-Oisly since 2011. Our cuvées charm with their finesse and delicacy. 

  • Could you tell us more about your award-winning cuvée at the Salon de l’agriculture?

Noë – Our 2020 Touraine-Oisly was a gold medallist at the 2022 Concours Général Agricole in Paris. A 100% Sauvignon cuvée that has truly become a beautiful reference of the appellation with aromas of exotic fruits, pear, white fruits, peach, apricots, and with a beautiful citrus finish that brings freshness and aromatic vivacity. A dry white wine but with a lot of body, without having residual sugars.

  • What dishes do you prefer to pair the wines of Touraine-Oisly with?

Isabelle – It goes perfectly with grilled prawns, stir-fried scallops, fish in a creamy sauce and asparagus. As an aperitif, it is superb, nothing more needed.

  • A few words on your vision for the Touraine-Oisly AOC?

Noë – The Touraine-Oisly appellation is an appellation that had long been requested by our ancestors. But at the time it had only international recognition, not so much at a local level. The appellation was only given as of 2011. This has provided a real challenge to build its distinction and its progression. But it is never too late, especially with what this appellation offers, such an exquisite and beautiful expression of its grape variety. 

  • If you had to choose one word to describe your estate, what would it be?

Isabelle & Noë – “Rigour”.


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