Beginning of May, the INSEEC took its students to meet Raphaël Midoir, heir to a know-how perpetuated from father to son for more than 5 generations. We had the chance to interview

Louis Gabet, a passionate oenology student who plunged into the world of appellation.


Interview Louis GABET, INSEEC :


  • Hello Louis, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Louis Gabet, I’m a M2 student at INSEEC Bordeaux, more specifically in a work/study program, working with Domaine du Fief noir, in Anjou. I take care of the commercial development for our 30 organic hectares.


  • When are your first memories of tasting wines?

I come from Touraine but I quickly moved to Burgundy. There, I discovered the world of wine at the age of 14, when I had my first Burgundy tastings with my father. But I really immersed myself, especially with Loire wines, when I arrived in Angers at the age of 21.


  • What do you remember from this day?

I work in the Loire Valley and yet I did not know the wines of Touraine-Oisly very well.

During this day, I visited the Raphaël Midoir estate in Touraine-Oisly. I saw the friendliness of the winegrowers and their kindness in answering our many questions! Thanks to them, I was able to rediscover Sauvignon, a grape variety that pleasantly surprised me with this terroir.


  • What is your opinion of the vineyard, the winegrowers and their values?

Being organic and having respect for biodiversity are both important to me. I was particularly for organic conversions and having an organic approach. I was also marked by the family side of the estates, the transmission of know-how and the commitments made by younger generations. At Raphaël Midoir, viticulture is practiced with particular care for the vine, biodiversity and tillage. The conversation with the owner was insightful. They do not use chemicals or sulphites, which corresponds to my vision of viticulture.


  • What is your best memory of this visit of the Touraine-Oisly vineyards?

Throughout the day, I was able to converse with winegrowers on the work conducted in the vines, and I had a very privileged moment with Raphaël Midoir who showed me around the cellar and who kindly answered all my questions about winemaking and the selection of parcels when making his wines.


  • After these tastings, what comes to mind when you hear Touraine-Oisly?

When I think of Touraine-Oisly wines, I think of aromas of exotic fruits and boxwood, with roundness and a pleasant tension on the palate, towards the finish.


  • And with what would you prefer to pair the wines of Touraine-Oisly with?

A pairing as essential as it is delicious would be a goat cheese from the region, like a Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine. But I also easily imagine it with seafood or as an aperitif.


  • Any last words?

I really encourage you to discover the Touraine-Oisly appellation and especially its winegrowers who will always be more than happy to share their passions with you.


Thank you very much Louis for your words.


See you soon in Touraine!