Originally from Touraine and passionate about oenology, Clarisse is currently working in a 2nd Grand Cru Classé in Médoc and is inclined towards working in wine trade.  After her visit to Touraine-Oisly in May with INSEEC, we were able to interview her and get her opinion on the appellation.


Interview Clarisse MAUGER, INSEEC:

  • Hello Clarisse, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, my name is Clarisse Mauger, I am 22 years old, and I have just finished my master’s degree in wine and spirits management at INSEEC Bordeaux. I am finishing a work/study training program at Château Léoville Poyferré, which is a 2nd Grand Cru Classé in Médoc. After that, I’m looking to turn towards Bordeaux trade to have a better knowledge on Bordeaux’s place and its functioning.


  • Your first souvenirs of tasting wine?

I grew up in a family of epicureans, wine has always been present in my family thanks to my father, a wine connoisseur. I was educated from a very young age in the tasting method: the visual, then the nose and on the palate…  I would observe or smell, taste a small sip and he would ask me what I felt.


  • Were you familiar with the wines of Touraine-Oisly?

I knew a little bit about them because I am from Touraine, but also because of Domaine des Corbillières, a beautiful reference of this appellation. The fact of having been with Karine Simoneau for my internship allowed me to discover the wines of the Touraine appellation. This day with INSEEC and being with enthusiastic and passionate people confirmed my attraction for this sector.


  • What is your opinion on the vineyard, the winegrowers and their values?

In the values by which the winegrowers of Touraine-Oisly go by, we find a very beautiful humility, and this is what really touched me. They are also lively winemakers, it’s really something that can be perceived. The passion is palpable. In addition, in the Touraine-Oisly appellation, each winemaker really brings a uniqueness to these wines. They shape the fame of this small appellation.  It really deserves to be discovered.


  • What will you remember from this day and the appellation?

Sauvignon blanc creates very beautiful expressions of the sandy terroir of Touraine-Oisly wines. They can really play on their balance, their freshness and their aromatic intensity.


  • What will be the best memory of this stop in the vineyards of Touraine-Oisly?

The tasting because it is from this moment that you can really discover the winemaker. He talks about his creations.  What is very interesting is that when you open a bottle with friends it brings people together, well the same thing goes when tasting with the producers.  With a glass in hand, that is the time when we have the best exchanges with the winegrowers.  It was there that I witnessed the know-how, the ardor, and the authenticity of the winegrowers from Touraine-Oisly.


  • After these tastings, what is it that will come to mind when hearing Touraine-Oisly?

With regards to the whites, a fairly round and lemony aromatic profile with acidity, focused mainly on citrus fruits.  Sauvignon blanc, the emblematic grape variety of the appellation, flourishes very well on its soils, revealing pleasant notes of lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple.


  • And with what would you prefer to taste the wines of Touraine-Oisly with?

With a hamper of oysters, it’s a perfect match.  But they can also be paired with all kinds of seafood, appetizers or fish-based terrines.  They are also very interesting to enjoy with dinner aperitifs. They can also go very well with skewers or lightly grilled meats because they are refreshing and harmonious wines. One will feel its subtleness and mentholated side.


Thank you very much Clarisse🤩

See you in Touraine soon!