The magic of Christmas surrounds us, the decorations are put up, all that is left is to decide: the food and wine pairings you will have the pleasure of indulging in this year! 🎄

Ladies and gentlemen, no need to worry about the choice of wine for your holiday meals, we give you the answer: bet on Touraine-Oisly.

We give you 5 good reasons to serve Touraine-Oisly for your end of year celebrations. Our Loire Valley wines, fruits of a singular terroir, will perfectly accompany your carefully prepared dishes! 🍮 

#1 Sauvignon blanc, a grape variety recognized and appreciated worldwide, is a safe bet.

If it is appreciated worldwide, it is thanks to its ability to give exceptional wines. But it precisely reveals its most beautiful expressions in the Loire Valley and, in particular, Touraine.

Its natural acidity, tension and minerality will satisfy your guests.

#2 They go perfectly with all classic holiday starters.

For the aperitif or starter, the menu often consists of classics such as salmon blinis, foie gras toasts or seafood.

The wines of Touraine-Oisly with their beautiful freshness and complex aromatic intensity perfectly highlight these different types of dishes.

The wines of Touraine-Oisly will certainly seduce from the beginning of the meal thanks to their minerality, power and balance. We recommend that you select cuvées combining freshness and acidity to start your meal to preserve the palates of your guests.

Here are some ideas for aperitifs that go with Touraine-Oisly:

#3 It is an ideal companion for poultry and fish.

For the rest of the meal, whether with fish or poultry, a glass of Touraine-Oisly will also be the ideal companion. Its elegance and character combine perfectly with the finesse of burbot, the fatty flesh in salmon and even the subtlety of sea bass. With poultry, its juice, crispy skin and melting flesh combined with aromas of citrus and exotic fruits will be a real delight.

And here are some dish ideas for cooking the perfect match:

#4: It’s flawless with a cheese platter

Ideally with goat cheeses, like from the Centre-Val de Loire such as Valençay, crottings de Chavignol or Sainte-Maure from Touraine. These products of the same terroir combine wonderfully with the wines of Touraine-Oisly.

#5: Bet on the freshness and beautiful acidity of Touraine-Oisly wines for your holiday desserts

If you opt for a yule log, often rich, the wines of Touraine-Oisly will flatter its flavors. The softness of these delicious pastries requires fresh white wines with a nice acidity. The citrus aromas are also the perfect touch when pairing with these desserts, giving that extra touch.

We recommend serving Touraine-Oisly wines at a temperature of 10°C.  They will then remarkably match French terroir products, sublimating the essential flavors of holiday dishes while promising exceptional moments of sharing.

Our bottles will be your best partners for the end of the year holidays! ✹

So our advice to you: enjoy! đŸ€—