6 gold medals for Touraine-Oisly !

The appellation Touraine-Oisly will have marked the 2020 edition of the World Sauvignon Competition by winning 6 gold medals.

The 2020 edition of the World Sauvignon Competition took place from March 5-7 in Blois. More than 1,100 wines from 24 different countries were tasted by 75 international tasters. The Touraine-Oisly appellation has once again distinguished itself: 7 medals in total including 6 gold medals, representing 66% of the Touraine-Oisly submitted samples! If the terroir of Oisly is small in size, with only 10 villages, it appears, year after year, as one of the grandest Sauvignon terroirs in the world. Domaine Delobel is once again honoured with the Organic Sauvignon Revelation Trophy and a gold medal for its Cuvée B de Oisly 2018, from the Touraine Oisly appellation. This trophy is awarded to the best organic Sauvignon. In 2019, Benjamin Delobel, a young winemaker in organic farming, was awarded the prestigious Dubourdieu Trophy, which rewards wines with “the purest and most refined expression of sauvignon”, for its 2017 Cuvée Exponentielle. For Dominique Barbou, President of Touraine-Oisly and great-grandson of the winemaker who introduced sauvignon in Touraine at the beginning of the 20th century, “These results underline the uniqueness of our Oisly terroir and its exceptional character.”

The 7 GOLD and SILVER medals:

­­ Vintage Appellation Estate Medal
B de Oisly 2018 Touraine Oisly Domaine Delobel GOLD
Domaine de Marcé – Coulée Galante 2018 Touraine Oisly EARL Godet GOLD
Domaine de Pierre 2018 Touraine Oisly Lionel Gosseaume GOLD
Domaine des Corbillières – Les XVI rangs 2018 Touraine Oisly Domaine des Corbillières GOLD
Domaine Octavie – Touraine Oisly 2018 Touraine Oisly Domaine Octavie GOLD
Lionel Gosseaume – Climat No1 2018 Touraine Oisly Lionel Gosseaume GOLD
Domaine Pré Baron – L’Elégante 2018 Touraine Oisly EARL Guy Mardon SILVER