In this challenging year, we interviewed winemakers from the appellation. In this interview, Laure Dubreuil, from Vignoble Dubreuil, gives you an overview of her work and her point of view on the 2021 vintage as the harvest approaches.


Interview with Laure Dubreuil from Domaine Dubreuil

  • Tell us about yourself?

I am Laure Dubreuil, I work with my husband who took over the family winery that belonged to his parents. I manage above all the sales part, businesses, the preparation of orders… I also assist my husband in all the winemaking part. My husband manages more the production part.

  • What appellation(s) do you cover?

We have 50 hectares of vines of Sauvignon blanc and Touraine Oisly.

  • Do you have an idea of when the harvest will start this year in Touraine-Oisly?

It’s a bit complicated because we still don’t know when we’re going to start harvesting the rest. But at the moment for all the vineyards, I think we will not start until September 20 for the precocious grape varieties. Concerning Touraine-Oisly, we push grape maturity a little more, so not before the end of the month.

  • What to think of the 2021 vintage?

It is a very complicated vintage with all the hazards that we have experienced this year. We have a small quantity of bunches, a very small harvest. In terms of quality, it will be played out over the last few days with sunshine we hope. However, there is a little humidity so it can be damaged very quickly too, we will have to juggle all this. What would be nice is a drier climate so that the grapes finish ripening gently and quietly, it is the best way to reach a beautiful maturity. In theory, by having a small amount, we can always hope that it concentrates the aromas, but it would still require a drier climate.

  • Do you already have your team of harvesters?

We harvest mechanically because we have a large surface area. Harvesting by hand would possibly be an option only on certain parcels, especially those valued in Touraine Oisly. That said, given the small harvest, paying harvesters to harvest very little would not be profitable at all and then it is very complicated to find staff. The advantage with the machine is that you can intervene at the ideal time for the harvest and you do not have to be dependent on the weather.

  • Do you have any advice to share with all winemakers for these next harvests?

I think you must believe in what you’re doing and try to be resilient in the face of the year you’ve just experienced.


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