It’s autumn! The season that suits gourmet dishes. Sauvignon blanc and the minerality of the soils from the Loire Valley that is found in the wines of Touraine-Oisly, bring freshness and finesse to dishes, allowing a beautiful balance and perfect meals.


👩‍🍳Our Fall menu suggestion:

  • Starter: A fig salad with warm goat cheese toast, honey, and squash seeds

Light and decadent, the classic goat cheese salad combined with the citrus aromas of Touraine-Oisly will delight your taste buds!

It is easy to prepare, and yet super tasty: a mix of arugula and lamb’s lettuce, a few toasts, a little goat cheese, crudités of your choice, a little honey and rosemary and you get a delicious sweet and savory salad full of character!

We give the recipe a bit of a twist by adding squash seeds.

👉The recipe we love right now is that of Cuisine actuelle:


  • Dish: A parmesan, hazelnut crusted cod accompanied by pumpkin puree, with a chestnut sauce

Fish is always deliciously cooked with a dry white wine. Cod has the particularity of being a fish with tender and fatty flesh. Also, the tangy notes of Touraine-Oisly lend themselves perfectly to refresh such a fusion of flavors. Here, it is combined with a creamy pumpkin puree embellished with a chestnut sauce bringing originality and delicacy to the dish.

👉And to learn how to cook crusted cod, Lauren’s recipe is perfect:


  • Cheese: A cheese platter from the Centre-Val de Loire region

Dry white wines go perfectly with goat cheeses such as Valençay or Pouligny Saint Pierre because they balance their salinity. In addition, composing a nice cheese platter is an opportunity to let your creativity flow. For us, the most beautiful cheese platters are always presented on a wooden board, but that’s for you to decide!

The detail that sublimates your cheese plate: add pomegranate grains to nibble, hinting at the acidity of white wine.

👉We recommend the beautiful Instagram photos featuring the 5 PDO goat cheeses from Centre-Val de Loire, inspiring delicious tastings:


  • For dessert: A crumble with pears and nuts

This fruit is the queen in autumn. With cooking, pears develop more flavors, their flesh softens, and they bring a beautiful sweetness. Their sweet taste combined with the good crispiness of a crumble is a real delight! It can be enjoyed a little warm, crispy or soft, and accompanied by a Touraine-Oisly, it offers an excellent refined dessert to your guests.

👉A simple and seasonal recipe by Clem Foodie:

We added a few nuts for even more comfort!


😋Cooking is already a pleasure but combining wines to perfect your meal is all the more satisfying. Tasting a wine and pairing it with a dish is an art.

Fruit of a singular terroir of the Loire Valley and a recognized know-how, the wines of Touraine-Oisly elegantly go with your recipes.


Do not hesitate to share your tastings with us! 🤗